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The Free Search for Honesty and Goodness

“I kept my secret as long as I could, and at last was forced to go in search of an honest [human being].”

“As one genuine bankbill is worth more than a thousand counterfeits, so is one [person], with right on their side, worth more than a thousand in the wrong.”

~Frederick Douglass, My Bondage and My Freedom (1855)


“My creed is very simple, that Goodness is the only Reality, that to Goodness alone can we trust, to that we may trust all and always; beautiful and blessed and blessing is it, even though it should seem to slay me.  Beyond this I have no knowledge, no intelligence of methods; I know no steps, no degrees, no favorite means, no detached rules.  Itself is gate and road and leader and march.  Only trust it, be of it, be it, and it shall be well with us forever.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson, Journal (July 3, 1841)

“The past has baked my loaf, and in the strength of its bread I break up the old oven.”

~Emerson (July 7, 1839)