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Start with Simplicity

I’ll be adding stories and thoughts like this as I find more refreshing examples of Simplicity:

78 square foot home



John Burroughs, Earthclergy

John Burroughs (1837-1921) emerged from his family’s religious pasturelands to send tendril, root and leaf under, over and through the artificial walls out into the wilds of Nature. ┬áLast evening I bumped into John again on the trail into slumberland, by way of the following quote found in Douglas Brinkley’s book on Burroughs’ friend Theodore Roosevelt, The Wilderness Warrior:

“If we do not go to church so much as did our [parents], we go to the woods much more, and are much more inclined to make a temple of them than they were.”

John Burroughs, “The Gospel of Nature,” in Time and Change (1912)