The community of Earth Congregation was conceived by Chris Highland as a vision of post-religious congregational experience.  As he developed the conceptual framework of Nature Temple based on the thought and writings of John Muir, Thoreau, Emerson, Burroughs and other “spiritual-scientific-naturalists” a growing sense of belonging settled in the stream.  As Chris’ writings, speaking presentations, teaching and the Nature Temple website drew more and more positive and probing comments from around the world it became clear that a growing number of people are seeking a more creative, natural, rational and “grounded” “spiritual” experience far beyond the old theologies and texts.  Earth Congregation is primarily in the sanctuary of the screen at the present time yet, one can see from the comments of a diversity of voices that local gatherings, of even two or three, are forming organically.

Earth Congregation is what we make it.  The seeds are planted, so bring on the water, the sunlight and the freethinking that will grow this new species.  Together we will be the explorers, the discoverers, the pioneers, the radical chaplains of a new world that is really and simply the most ancient economy of our common home.


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  • Bron Taylor

    Hi Chris: Thanks for mentioning my book. I’m glad to learn about your website and blog. I surmise that what you are promoting has affinities with what I wrote about in this book. I’ll try to read more widely your blog soon, and welcome ideas for links at my website, where there are many examples of dark green religion I could not provide in the book. Best wishes, Bron Taylor

    • naturechaplain

      Very nice to hear from you, Bron. You have done a competent job of sauntering the dark edges of the wild spaces where there may just be seeds and roots of new spiritualities (perhaps not so new). For those of us who are no longer theistic, this indeed presents an organic option. I will be teaching some courses through Cherry Hill Seminary in the fall and will certainly be referring to your work. I may contact you along the way. Glad to hear any comments on my website, books or blogs. Peace on the green paths. Chris

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