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  • Guardian

    So, we have discussed the E.C.O. many years ago. Now, how do we finish the conversation about starting the organization? How do I join the Earth Chaplaincy Circle? Like I said, I am only a guide and would like the backing of a organization. Thank you.

    • naturechaplain

      I think I remember that conversation Benny. Glad you are still considering this. Though I have heard from a few people out there who are trying various models of community/retreats/congregations, this remains basically conceptual. I have spoken with several retreat centers about creating an earth chaplaincy and while there is interest, no pathways have yet opened. I will be teaching an online master’s course on Earth Congregations beginning in January at Cherry Hill Seminary (a pagan institute of higher learning). The intent is to develop the idea and explore ways to ground the sense of nature chaplaincy in specific communities. I would be delighted to hear what you envision and what you are doing in your own practice. I seem to remember you are a member of the First Nations.

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