Some recommended links for congregations

Please note:  All materials, worldviews or concepts presented on these sites are not necessarily endorsed by earth congregations or compatible with the earth congregation network

(you are invited to submit suggested additional links)


World Cafe

Nature Temple

Natural Bible

Biomimicry Institute

Wisdom of the Wild (PBS)

Life After Faith

How the West Was Saved (Vanity Fair)

John Muir (Sierra Club Exhibit resources)

John Muir (short film) 

John Burroughs (resources)

“Global Weirding” (NYTimes)

“Post Environmental” (SF Chronicle)

“Is God Green?” (PBS)

Environmental Ethics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Grist (Environmental Blog)

“Power of Ten” (perspective)

Encyclopedia of Life

The Green Bible

The Earth Bible

Evangelical Environmental Network

The Creation (book by E.O. Wilson)

Cosmos (series with Carl Sagan)

Creation Spirituality

Native American Religion



Earth Ministry (denominational statements)

Earth Chaplaincy (a wild idea)

Earth Spirituality


Sierra Club

Rachel Carson (Bill Moyers Journal)

Dalai Lama

Nature Conservancy

Nature (PBS)

Natural Religion (David Hume)

Scientific Heretic (Dyson–NYTimes Magazine)

Green Man

Nature’s Dow (Thomas Friedman)

G20 and Mother Nature (Thomas Friedman)

Earth Watch (BBC)

Charles Darwin (1809-2009)

Pagan and Earth-Based Religion (Beliefnet)

“Waterfall Spirituality”

Earth Heroes (Vanity Fair)

11th Hour (movie)

Woman who speaks for Trees (audio)

The Earth Clothed in Green (African)

Theodore Roosevelt (235m acres)

Walt Whitman (archives)

A Green Sermon

Green Interfaith Congregation (Vermont)

Green Churches

Green Spirit (London)

John Francis (Planetwalker)

Wind Power (Free Speech TV)

Chief Oren Lyons

Alliance of Religion and Conservation


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