Inclusive; diverse; curious; questioning; rational; playful; humor-loving; delightful; innovative; cooperative; engaged. . .

A few words that describe the active wisdom, the philosophy, of the earth congregation.

We are:

A community of thinkers, listeners and workers



Chaplains of the wide open chapel

Open to new paths into the forests

Seeking new trails up the mountains

Silently sauntering along rivers and shorelines

Students and lovers of Nature and the natural world

Intrigued and inspired by the investigations and discoveries of science

Peacemakers, justice-workers and network builders

Committed to the common good

Matriots not patriots (mother earth rather than fatherland)


We are not:



Interested in creeds, confessions or clergy

Divisive, sectarian or nationalistic

Patriotic (we love the land of our birth no more than the earth)

Religious (ritual and theologically based)

Spiritual (if this means non-natural experience)


We invite expanded definitions of our philosophy. . .


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